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New Social Media Algorithms: Nonprofit Engagement Required

In the last six months, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram have announced major changes to the way that they provide content for users. The social media algorithms on these channels now prioritize and serve up content that users have deemed of high interest through historical engagement. As a nonprofit, it's time to engage. Read more for details about these algorithmic changes, and their impact on nonprofit social media practice.

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1 Comment 09 June 2016

fundraising, presentations, social media campaign

Planning for Your Best GivingTuesday Yet

GivingTuesday is still six months away, but April is the perfect time to begin planning for this year's event. It's the right time for an accounting of the assets you will need for success, and what still needs to be done. It's the right time to look at mobile tech trends and configuring for a mobile GivingTuesday experience. And it's the right time to sketch out the bigger story of your campaign before it is too late. In this blog post, you'll find out what it takes to plan for a successful GivingTuesday, relevant donor engagement models, and why you should care about the tech trends that affect GivingTuesday and donor engagement. The slide deck from a recent workshop on GivingTuesday is also embedded, with downloadable planning worksheets.

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community management, nonprofit resources, social media policy

Under Threat? A list of Community Standards and Policies of Each Major Social Network

Sadly, it's not always the case that people act as their best selves online or on land. A negative social media attack on an organization can personal, and sometimes groups can step over the line when attacking a cause or organization. There are things you an do now which may prevent, halt, or derail an attack against your organization. This blog post is a list of resources for preventing social media attacks, and a list - social network by social network - and policies for addressing and reporting inappropriate behavior, attacks, and infringement.

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3 Comments 11 March 2016

Facebook, fundraising

Social Fundraising On Facebook: What’s New and What’s Next

Every few years I write about fundraising on Facebook. Change is in the air, and it seems that the time is right for the same-side network effect to power fundraising on Facebook. Yet Facebook isn't quite offering the tool that people need. Facebook offers Donate and Donate Now buttons, and a Facebook fundraising tool called Fundraiser (only for organizations). Yet I can't see large-scale adoption of the Fundraiser tool, yet. Read on for a review of Facebook's fundraising tools.

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5 Comments 29 February 2016

listening, social media campaign, technology

Visual Listening: The Next Big Thing in Social Media

Images are signal through noise, and almost 60% of nonprofit organizations surveyed intend to use more social media images in 2015 than in prior years. To catch up with the rise in digital image sharing, a field has sprung up known as "visual listening." Visual listening is the practice of monitoring and tracking specific images online, and a new tool called Ditto purports to do just that. Social media monitoring as we know it is about to expand from text-focused monitoring to image and video "listening" in the next few years. This blog post explores the potential of visual listening, one tool available now to try, and why this is the next big thing in social media management.

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