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Own the Conversation

9 Comments 03 November 2011

What is your organization's primary topic of conversation online? If you don't know the answer to that, you may find that is the crux of the issue with your online strategy. Without knowing and owning the online conversation topic, your organization is doomed to wander aimlessly about in the online desert. To get at this, I often ask this simple question: "What about your industry or issue is so interesting that you want to have a conversation about it?" Taking this simple question a step further, I'll often ask: what topic of conversation is interesting to potential fans, can define your organization, but isn't about the organization itself? Knowing your conversation, then owning it, offers a map through the online desert to real engagement, trust-building, and advocacy. This post includes three examples of nonprofits who really know what their conversations are about, and execute them superbly.

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Epic Thanks – One Incredible Event of Gratitutde

2 Comments 24 November 2010

Tweetsgiving 2010 is all about Epic Thanks. It includes some great features: gratitude cards, online evangelists, and community organizing. It's also one of the great online fundraising campaigns of 2010.

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Global Trends in Social Networks: The Socialization of Brands

1 Comment 01 November 2010

The Universal McCann Wave 5 study is out, identifying trends and key data points on internet use by active internet users worldwide. The key takeaways are the socialization of brands, the rise of branded communities, the continued rise of microblogging, and the results of joining a branded online community.

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The Twitter Rule: Less Broadcasting, More Conversation

2 Comments 18 October 2010

The single most frequent question that I get from nonprofit organizations who want to use Twitter is "how do I get started?" My response is to follow The Twitter Rule: Less Broadcasting, More Conversation. The embedded slide deck includes strategies for using Twitter to create social capital and conversations.

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Guest Post by Florence Broder: How the Jewish Agency Uses Twitter to Connect Meaningfully

7 Comments 09 August 2010

Florence Broder, Social Media Manager for the Jewish Agency for Israel, writes about how the Jewish Agency uses social media, especially Twitter, to successfully and meaningfully connect with stakeholders online.

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