Storytelling Tips from the Pros at the Nonprofit Technology Conference

5 Comments 10 April 2012

Last week, I attended the Nonprofit Technology Conference, and had the pleasure of attending an interesting session on "The Future of Nonprofit Storytelling." Moderated by Rob Wu of CauseVox, it included an all-star panel of storytelling experts: Cara Jones of Storytellers for Good, Jenna Sauber of the Case Foundation, and JD Lasica of Socialbrite. The panel pondered some interesting questions and offered concrete tips on how to create compelling stories, defining what is a story, storytelling tools, and creating an internal culture of storytelling. The full discussion is captured in a Storify story, embedded within this blog post, along with highlighted nuggets of wisdom offered by the panelists.

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Can Positivity Stop a War? Israel Loves Iran

7 Comments 22 March 2012

Israel Loves Iran, the Facebook meme started by an Israeli graphic designer, does something unique: in one sentence it challenges historical thinking about the relationship between Israel and Iran, and at the same empowers citizens of both countries a way to make a difference. It is a campaign to prevent war based on hope and goodwill. What is so refreshing about this is the positive spin on a very serious subject: nuclear and conventional war. It's storytelling at its best, and begs the question posed by Stacey Monk and Vanessa Rhinesmith in their excellent South By Southwest Interactive session: Can positivity change the world?

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Social Media and Journalism: Key Impact Areas

17 Comments 13 February 2012

On Friday, I gave a presentation on the impact of social media on journalism. The session was entitled "Is Social Media the New News?" and my role was to offer the 10,000-foot view on how social media is impacting the newspaper industry. During the presentation, I identified four areas impacted by social media: the changing definition of an authoritative news source, the concept of news participators, how news is shared, and the changing news cycle. I noted that the two concepts of who is a news authority, and authority vs. trust are disproportionately affecting how the news is shared, the news cycle, and the relationship of news consumers to news organizations.

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Rethinking the Annual Report for Video

20 Comments 05 January 2012

Three things I know about the nonprofit annual report: it takes a ton of time to put together beautifully, few people actually read it, but funders require it. The annual report is one of those pieces of communication and collateral that executive directors and development directors dread putting together because it is such a costly endeavor with relatively little return and short shelf life. It doesn't have to be that way in the age of social. We've socialized constituent communication, websites, fundraising, and events...why not rethink the annual report into a social communication? Several nonprofit organizations have done just that, transforming the paper annual report into a video report, and reinventing it in the process.

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Infographics for Nonprofits: The New Storytelling

26 Comments 06 September 2011

  Infographics are multiplying like rabbits. I run across them everywhere, and about all types of subjects from the power of social fundraising to the what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Some are great, some not so great. The abundance of data we now have to process is fueling the trends towards content curation, […]

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