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Creating Stories that Compel: Video Storytelling for Nonprofits

No Comments 17 November 2014

As humans, we tell stories in order to make events that have happened to us relatable, we re-tell stories we've heard because they are memorable, and we tell stories to make sense of our world. Why wouldn't we do the same when explaining a need, cause, or event? In October, I offered a workshop for organizations participating in Valley Gives 2014, highlighting what makes a good story, the stories you have right now, and the types of stories that can power your fundraising/crowdfunding campaign. This is a summary of the workshop content, with embedded slide presentation.

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An Unexpected Nonprofit Fundraising Story

2 Comments 27 August 2014

The Center for Great Apes has hit on a brilliant merge of fundraising and storytelling. The Center is using Amazon Wish Lists to ask for specific donations for their great apes. Each item includes a small story about why it is needed, often connected to a specific animal. This is small moment storytelling. It also is storytelling fundraising, with a whiff of whimsy...and personal appeal. It's refreshingly simple, yet unexpected.

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Share Small Moment Stories Using Digital Stortytelling Tools

8 Comments 31 October 2013

On Tuesday, I offered a workshop at the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network’s annual conference on Digital Storytelling Tools, subtitled “The One and Only Storytelling/Digital Tools/Speed Dating Mashup.” The workshop had four goals: leave with a solid “small moment story” idea, have an idea of how to use stories to reach organizational goals, develop at least two […]

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FInd Your Missing Child: Revolutionizing Its Community Using Social Media

5 Comments 16 August 2013

Find Your Missing Child is an organization dedicated to developing social media resources for the parents of missing and runaway children and the organizations serving that community. I met Tony Loftis, the founder and Executive Director at a Boston-area event this spring and knew immediately that his organization was doing something dramatically different from other organizations: he was revolutionizing part of the nonprofit sector by being a networked nonprofit.

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World Humanitarian Day Assessed in a Word

2 Comments 17 August 2012

There's a new social media campaign going around, and if you're not living underground, you may have heard of it: Beyonce is promoting this year's World Humanitarian Day on August 19. In this blog post, I dive deep into what the REAL message of the campaign is, its storytelling element, and the lost opportunity to develop a community around the campaign. Lastly, I take a look at what is being measured, and why. This campaign will make a big social media splash on August 19th when all the messages will be released on Twitter and Facebook...and what happens after that?

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