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Global CEO Report: Proritizing Social Media and Collaboration

1 Comment 01 February 2013

In the latter half of 2011, IBM met face to face with 1,709 CEOs and senior public sector leaders to better understand how the increasingly connected economy is affecting their outlook, plans, and presenting challenges. Reading IBM's 2012 Global CEO Study, we are the outside observer, noting the slow but steady shift towards networked organizations year over year, and rejoice in the proof of "outperformance" from these social organizations.

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Born Transparently Digital and Networked: The LittleBigFund

3 Comments 28 January 2013

There's a way to build a movement, and it begins with personal engagement. Carter Gibson, one of the most personal, most social, most transparent Google Plus users, announced the launch of his new nonprofit LittleBigFund yesterday. I vehemently believe that, in order for nonprofit organizations to thrive on social media channels, they have to be personal. That starts from the top (Executive Directors must use social media personally), and continues through messaging that connects personally with supporters, and finishes with real engagement between stakeholders and the organization. New organizations take time to grow and thrive, but I'd bet money that LittleBigFund understands how to be personal, and is ready to soar right out of the gate. The reason is Carter Gibson.

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Connected Culture and Social Media Optimization

8 Comments 28 September 2012

There is a fundamental realignment and restructuring of internal communications, workflow and workplace culture when an organization "becomes social." When this fundamental restructuring doesn't happen, it has serious implications for the success of social media endeavors. More and more, I am seeing the distinct corrleation between internal information flow and role connectedness, and optimized social media practice.

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Debra Askanase is an experienced digital engagement strategist, non-profit executive, and community organizer. She works with mission-driven organizations to develop digital strategies and campaigns that engage, create trust, and move stakeholders to action. Debra speaks at conferences worldwide on the intersection of technology, social media, and nonprofit organizations.

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