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Libraries Yes! A Place-Based Community Advocacy Campaign

4 Comments 23 May 2012

This Spring, the Multnomah County Library Levy Campaign Committee and consulting firm Winning Mark created and ran a successful place-based advocacy campaign to pass a library-preservation ballot measure. Emphasizing check-ins, recommendations, and making personal connections online, the campaign strategy paid off in a 4:1 win. This blog post walks through the strategy, complete with screenshots, lessons learned, and approach.

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Geosocial Apps and Missed Opportunities

3 Comments 02 May 2012

I've often been struck by the idea that geosocial (geolocation) applications are an incredible opportunity for organizational engagement...waiting to happen. The sharp smartphone adoption curve, the increasing cultural acceptance of online location sharing, and abundance of geosocial apps creates a ripe environment for community-building.According to geolocal mobile research, people check in primarily to receive coupons or discounts, and secondarily to meet friends, it's the third reason that is the missed opportunity. The third most-popular reason people use a geosocial app to check in is to promote a location. Close to 30% of the people who check in do so because they love the business. This seems pretty like huge opportunity to deepen engagement, but I see two huge missed opportunities.

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Understanding Facebook Places Functionality Opens Possibilities

11 Comments 15 September 2010

Now that your Place is claimed, what are the capabilities of Places and its potential uses? Most importantly, how does that functionality open up possibilities? This post explores six ways that Places offers opportunities for you to interact on Places with your fans - and brainstorms a few possibilities.

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A Foursqaure Experiment Gone Right

19 Comments 02 June 2010

Estrella Rosenberg, founder of Big Love Little Hearts, came up with the idea for the #100x100 Foursquare campaign nine days before the launch. This is the story of how she promoted awareness of CHD through Foursquare, leveraged $25,000 in the meantime, and laid the groundwork for lasting legislative change.

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