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Review: The Nonprofit Social Media Policy Workbook

2 Comments 23 April 2012

Idealware and Darim Online, with support from Balance Interactive, have just released a free Nonprofit Social Media Policy Workbook for nonprofits trying to figure out how to get a handle on the personnel side of social media. In this simple yet complete guide, the authors walk through many of the critical social media policy issues with which organizations struggle: the reasons for a policy, applying organizational values to the policy, social media roles, what to say online, social media monitoring strategy, responding to criticism online, responding to other comments online, privacy and permissions, and thinking through copyright and attributions. If you are looking for a starting point for your social media policy, look no further. Read the full blog post for my review of the workbook.

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Three Simple Rules on Twitter: Guest Post by Susan Perri

5 Comments 25 November 2011

Our social media experiences often boils down to one question: Do you want engagement? On Twitter, it’s going to require a two-way relationship, with communication that addresses questions and comments from your followers. Guest post author Susan Perri sees a lot of self-promotion and lack of common courtesy lately on Twitter. She offers examples of tweeps using Twitter expertly for real engagement, and three simple rules for using Twitter well. Ultimately, it’s quality, not quantity, and the same rules from your childhood playground still apply. Make friends, be nice, take turns, say please and thank you. Oh, yes, and have fun while you’re at it.

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Nonprofit Collaboration: Doesn’t It Make the Pie Bigger?

64 Comments 16 February 2010

Why don't more nonprofits collaborate, online and offline? Social media culture is all about sharing, giving back, and being unselfish. You get more in return. In this post, I offer three examples of nonprofits working in collaboration to expand the potential return. What do you think?

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Front Yard and Back Yard Conversations

50 Comments 09 December 2009

Social media is a public platform, where we utilize the "power of weak ties" to move people to action. How does a weak tie become stronger, more fully engaged? It's when conversations move them from the public conversation places to private conversations. These private conversations are social media's "back yard." That is where the relationships are strengthened and built.

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How Do You Express Gratitude on Social Media?

29 Comments 24 November 2009

How do you express thanks and appreciation to your social networks? You can "like" a Facebook update, re-tweet a Twitter update, recommend a colleague on Linkedin. But there are so many other ways to say "thank you" as well. This blog post, part of the global Tweetsgiving effort, discusses why/how we create our own gratitude karma on social media. Join in!

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