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Playing The Facebook Ratings Game

4 Comments 15 November 2013

This week, Facebook changed the way it wants users to look at Facebook pages. Two days ago, Facebook began prominently displaying a page's ratings (from zero to five stars) directly below the page name, and above to the number of Likes. Those of us who spend our time focused on developing an engaged fan base, offering valuable content, and creating conversation and/or community on our pages now have to play the Facebook Ratings Game. If I had the talent of prognostication, I'd predict that Facebook will change its search algorithm to display Facebook search returns that are influenced in part by the number of stars on a page. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but everything in my experience working on this channel tells me that Facebook is getting ready to change its game.

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Google+ Ripples: The Promise of Shared Intelligence

4 Comments 09 December 2011

Google+ rolled out its Ripples feature on October 27, with just a hint of data potential within Google+ for marketing and engagement. Google+ Ripples is really the first set of metrics we've seen from Google around Google+. Ripples gives Google+ users relevant information about the use of circles, G+ influence, and how data is spread. Google+ Ripples has a lot of potential, including knowing your influencers, finding new influencers, knowing what others want to share, and of course implications for the future of online search and Google SEO. Why is Ripples really relevant for nonprofits? It can help nonprofits understand how to move connections on G+ (and elsewhere) to action. Read the full post for more.

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How Google’s +1 Button Will Change Search

28 Comments 11 July 2011

While Google Plus has been all the rage this week, one overlooked point is how the +1 button will change the way we search, interact with search results, and use the web in the future. With the arrival of the +1 button, what you "plus" on the web will ultimately affect what you will see within Google search, what all of your connections will see, and how the world may perceive you.

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SEO Fundamentals: Moderated Session at SphinnCon

8 Comments 07 March 2010

Understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization, a moderated session at SphinnCon Israel.

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Using Delicious for Research, Sharing, and Website Dynamism

16 Comments 10 August 2009

How does your organization use the social bookmarking site Delicious? In this post, we discuss the ways that your organization can use Delicious for information gathering, intra company collaborative efforts, and sharing news with stakeholders.

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