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Social Media Metrics That Matter

1 Comment 31 August 2015

I had the privilege of presenting at the Dallas and Austin Social Media for Nonprofits Conferences this month on the topic of social media metrics. As some readers may know, I’ve recently started a collaboration with colleague Allison Fine to create Matterness Consulting, a consultancy focused on bringing Matterness to the way that mission-driven organizations […]

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How Upworthy Thinks About Metrics

No Comments 03 April 2014

The founder of the news site Upworthy, Eli Pariser, knows just a little bit about how to get people to read his content. Pariser spoke with New York Times journalist David Carr at South By Southwest Interactive about Upworthy, why he created it, the relationship with Facebook, and how Upworthy views metrics. Upworthy's secret sauce is a mix of importance, satisfaction, and quality.

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2013: The Year Nonprofit Social Media Grew Up

3 Comments 27 December 2013

This is the month when we all reflect upon 2013, and I am no holdout. Thinking about what I repeatedly encountered as a digital engagement strategy consultant, I realized that this was big story: 2013 was the year that social media grew up. 2013 was the year that communications and social media finally melded into […]

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Creating “Real Life” Communities with Digital Media: An Interview with NEXT

1 Comment 27 August 2013

NEXT: A Division of Birthright Israel Foundation thoughtfully focuses its social media efforts on supporting and creating community. Even more than that, they want to use social media to connect Jews to offline communities and create "in real life" community. When Joelle Berman, Communications Manager of NEXT, told me about the newest iteration of their Jewish High Holidays Initiative (and interactive map), I was instantly excited by the online-to-offline action element. I took the opportunity to ask Joelle about NEXT's approach to developing social and interactive content, its digital media goals, how NEXT uses digital media to create community, and how it measures success.

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Social Media Convergence

3 Comments 03 May 2013

A colleague asked me for my thoughts on trends in social media today. I can sum it up in one word: convergence. From the communications sector, to measurement, policy, social data, and job responsibilities, the sector is converging. In this blog post, I walk through how social media is converging in these areas, and the forces behind convergence.

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