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Visual Listening: The Next Big Thing in Social Media

2 Comments 08 September 2015

Images are signal through noise, and almost 60% of nonprofit organizations surveyed intend to use more social media images in 2015 than in prior years. To catch up with the rise in digital image sharing, a field has sprung up known as "visual listening." Visual listening is the practice of monitoring and tracking specific images online, and a new tool called Ditto purports to do just that. Social media monitoring as we know it is about to expand from text-focused monitoring to image and video "listening" in the next few years. This blog post explores the potential of visual listening, one tool available now to try, and why this is the next big thing in social media management.

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Establish Social Media Knowledge Sharing Practices

1 Comment 11 May 2012

Social media cannot thrive in silos. What is happening online affects the entire organization, not just the marketing department, or the development team, or the Executive Director. And while social media usage has truly penetrated the nonprofit sector, reports and activities are usually not shared throughout the organization. What results is a lack of organizational buy-in, misunderstanding of the benefit of digital engagement, missed opportunities, and role confusion. Instead of siloing information, turn it around. Knowledge sharing results in stronger organizations that have a broader knowledge base about its online stakeholders, and a wide net of useful information to meet organizational goals.

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Is Your Social Media Strategy Missing Steps?

11 Comments 08 June 2010

In social media, missing steps lead to frustration with using social media and sometimes complete disbelief in its use or good for the organization. More often than not, if the strategy isn't working, there are missing steps. This blog post includes four slides that outline steps to creating a comprehensive, goal-oriented social media presence and strategy.

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Lessons from the NWF: How to Create a Free Listening Dashboard

11 Comments 22 April 2010

The National Wildlife Federation uses free online listening tools to compile a powerful listening dashboard and stay on top of trends, mentions, and fan activity. This blog post summarizes the key points from their presentation at the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference session.

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Why the American Red Cross Listens Online

11 Comments 19 April 2010

The Listening workshop at the Nonprofit Technology Conference covered more than the tools: it was a point of view about why listening is critical to any organization. Wendy Harman discussed how the American Red Cross thinks about listening: it is critical to the relevancy of the organization, internal development, professional development, and reputation management.

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