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Google+ Ripples: The Promise of Shared Intelligence

4 Comments 09 December 2011

Google+ rolled out its Ripples feature on October 27, with just a hint of data potential within Google+ for marketing and engagement. Google+ Ripples is really the first set of metrics we've seen from Google around Google+. Ripples gives Google+ users relevant information about the use of circles, G+ influence, and how data is spread. Google+ Ripples has a lot of potential, including knowing your influencers, finding new influencers, knowing what others want to share, and of course implications for the future of online search and Google SEO. Why is Ripples really relevant for nonprofits? It can help nonprofits understand how to move connections on G+ (and elsewhere) to action. Read the full post for more.

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Summarizing Google+ Pages: The Good, The Bad, The Possible

8 Comments 11 November 2011

Google+ launched Pages this week, a move many of us have been looking forward to since the launch of Google+ itself. Within days, stories of unintentional G+ personal posting, problems sharing admin oversight, and issues with merged profiles were shared on the web. However, during that same time frame, hundreds of nonprofit organizations worldwide created and launched Google+ brand pages. Two nonprofit motivations are apparent. A primary motivation seems to be related to search engine optimization: Google is the largest search engine by far, and Google Pages will certainly benefit from Google's search algorithm (see why here). I wrote that Google's+1 button will change search, and so will Google+ Pages. The second unstated story is that everyone knows about the potential value in a Facebook Page, and everyone wants to get in on Google+ Pages early enough to start figuring out the medium. And maybe get a head start. I think two critical elements may be missing from nonprofit Google+ Pages: strategy and people.

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Interview with Carter Gibson: A Google + Fundraising Story

2 Comments 21 September 2011

The newest form of social media fundraising has arrived, and as far as I can tell, it may be one of the first instances I’ve seen of a purely Google+-based fundraiser. This fundraiser was created just hours ago, and it immediately grabbed my attention. Carter Gibson, an American University senior, announced this afternoon through his […]

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How Google’s +1 Button Will Change Search

28 Comments 11 July 2011

While Google Plus has been all the rage this week, one overlooked point is how the +1 button will change the way we search, interact with search results, and use the web in the future. With the arrival of the +1 button, what you "plus" on the web will ultimately affect what you will see within Google search, what all of your connections will see, and how the world may perceive you.

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