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Social Fundraising On Facebook: What’s New and What’s Next

5 Comments 29 February 2016

Every few years I write about fundraising on Facebook. Change is in the air, and it seems that the time is right for the same-side network effect to power fundraising on Facebook. Yet Facebook isn't quite offering the tool that people need. Facebook offers Donate and Donate Now buttons, and a Facebook fundraising tool called Fundraiser (only for organizations). Yet I can't see large-scale adoption of the Fundraiser tool, yet. Read on for a review of Facebook's fundraising tools.

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This Is What Nonprofits Need More Than A Facebook Donate Button

6 Comments 18 December 2013

Have you noticed that your organization’s Facebook page reach is down lately? Very much so? That’s because Facebook has recently made changes to the way page content appears in newsfeeds. In an internal document leaked to Ad Age, Facebook reveals the future demise of organic post reach and importance of paid post reach. To quote […]

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Playing The Facebook Ratings Game

4 Comments 15 November 2013

This week, Facebook changed the way it wants users to look at Facebook pages. Two days ago, Facebook began prominently displaying a page's ratings (from zero to five stars) directly below the page name, and above to the number of Likes. Those of us who spend our time focused on developing an engaged fan base, offering valuable content, and creating conversation and/or community on our pages now have to play the Facebook Ratings Game. If I had the talent of prognostication, I'd predict that Facebook will change its search algorithm to display Facebook search returns that are influenced in part by the number of stars on a page. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but everything in my experience working on this channel tells me that Facebook is getting ready to change its game.

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Connecting and Finding Fans: The Demographics of Social Media Users

3 Comments 20 March 2013

The Pew Internet and American Life Project recently published The Demographics of Social Media Users, detailing the demographics of social media users by age, ethnicity, household income, gender, urbanity, and education and platform. It's no longer enough to broadly assume that "everyone is on Facebook, professionals are on Linkedin, and women are on Pinterest." Our thinking about our online audiences, and potential fans, must be more sophisticated. If an organization works with urban youth, then look to Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. If you want to engage young adults, think beyond Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest and Instragram. If you want to specifically attract African-American stakeholders, do not leave Twitter and Instagram out of the mix.

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The Intersection of You and Them is Value

7 Comments 10 December 2012

What is the Seattle Public Library doing that is so radically different than 90% of the Facebook Pages out there? Offering value. In the case of the Seattle Public Library, they've clarified the intersection of what they can offer, and what their Facebook fans want. That intersection is a personalized, customized, online library experience. And boy, are they offering value for a Like.

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