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Under Threat? A list of Community Standards and Policies of Each Major Social Network

3 Comments 11 March 2016

Sadly, it's not always the case that people act as their best selves online or on land. A negative social media attack on an organization can personal, and sometimes groups can step over the line when attacking a cause or organization. There are things you an do now which may prevent, halt, or derail an attack against your organization. This blog post is a list of resources for preventing social media attacks, and a list - social network by social network - and policies for addressing and reporting inappropriate behavior, attacks, and infringement.

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community management, social media policy

Preventing Social Media Chaos When Staff Turns Over

2 Comments 03 September 2013

Your social media manager just resigned, or the director of a program, or your community manager: what mechanisms are in place to ensure the integrity of your social media spaces and continued online engagement? Social media policies often fail to include safeguards for social media content, passwords, and the integrity of your social media channels. When staff walks out the door, so may your organizational knowledge and social media integrity. In this blog post, I highlight three systems approaches to preserving and maintaining your organizational knowledge of social media activities, implementation, and resources.

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What Do You Reserve For Your Most Loyal Fans?

2 Comments 20 May 2013

The imitable Sarah Robinson recently spoke about the irony that daily deal sites such as Living Social offer incentive deals for new customers, yet it is even more important to reward your most loyal customers with your best pricing. That really stuck in my head. Mission-driven organizations have not really thought much rewarding loyalty by offering their very best deals to their most loyal online fans. And frankly, it's an oversight, because it's a game-changing idea for the nonprofit sector.

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Keeping It Real: Personal Boundaries in Online Community Management at SXSW

5 Comments 18 March 2012

I had the privilege of joining three seasoned social media community managers on the "Personal/Personnel Policy: Social Media Boundaries" panel at South By Southwest this year. Vanessa Rhinesmith (Director of Outreach at Start Some Good), Jess Main (Director of Operations at National Center for Media Engagement), Amy Sample Ward (Membership Director at NTEN) and I presented examples of how we have negotiated the boundary between personal and professional involvement in social media. The panel offered a lot of great examples of these situations, and the engaged audience asked even more questions. Key takeaways from the session included planning for the future of your social media presence, sharing social media account information internally, don't be afraid of the customer service aspect of engaging online, and create a guidelines document for how staff should represent the organization online.

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Measuring Online Engagement: A beginning

8 Comments 20 May 2011

Measuring engagement is critical. If we don't know how engaged people are in our social spaces, we won't have a clue if our campaigns to move them to act will work. I think there are three kinds of measurements: status, engagement, and activism measurements.

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