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Social Media Flow Charts

11 Comments 25 March 2010

I do love thinking about flow charts. Visualizing flow charts helps me to develop processes. My flow charts constantly iterate as I learn more. One challenge I’ve struggled with is that of creating a social media flow chart. There are a lot of aspects of social media flow that which make it difficult to create just one chart : the flow from strategy to implementation, the flow from listening to implementation and back, the process of creating a strategy, the relationship between platforms and the website, and the implementation process.

Inspired by the Delcor’s Flow Charts for Social Media blog post, and the blog-centric social media strategy work flow, I began to map out a basic social media flow chart. However, that’s now how it turned out. Instead, I created a  conceptualization of the relationship between social media, customer experience, and the customer’s decision to purchase or take action in support of an organization.

My thinking on this topic is influenced by both my experience developing and implementing social media for nonprofits and businesses, and Tara Hunt’s wonderful book The Whuffle Factor (not an affiliate link).  In The Whuffle Factor, Tara emphasizes throughout the book two key points: creating amazing online customer experiences with the brand and always thinking about how you want your customers to feel when they interact with the brand.

My thinking boils down to this:

Create social spaces that develop customer loyalty and have room for real engagement, add value to the brand (or program) experience, and lead to the intended results for the organization.

When developing a social media strategy, I keep in mind these three questions:

  • How will the brand/program/organization deliver exceptional value and engagement to stakeholders through social media?
  • How will social media encourage brand/program/organizational loyalty?
  • Will the strategy support business/organizational goals to produce intended results? (increased volume  or type of sales, clients, participants, more volunteers, etc.)

My flow chart is embedded below. I’m curious how you would approach the same idea, modify this chart, etc. If you have your own flow chart, I’d be more than pleased to feature it in a separate blog post.

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  • ChrisDumas

    Wow! That flow chart is so pretty… I want a shirt. More so I love what your thinking boils down to…smart stuff.


  • 🙂 That shirt is yours whenever you claim it.


  • Nice chart I like it.

    Is there room for feedback and brand alteration, new service offerings in the equation?


  • Hi Debra, how do I make the chart bigger so I can see more details? Are you planning to add a Buzz icon or does Twitter and FaceBook do it all for you? Thanks for the post and I wish I could be so talented.


  • Hi Ileane,
    Now that you mention it, the Slideshare features are really squished so you can't make it full screen. That must have occurred in the embedding, and I'll have to look into correcting that. thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    If you click on the bottom right (looks like orange and blue dots, really tiny) under the image, it takes you to the original image posted on You can also go to it directly here:… to see it much there. On slideshare, click “full screen” to see the image englarged.
    I do have a Buzz button under the image that says “buzz this” if you want to share it on Buzz.

    Thanks for the nice compliment – I try to share and learn from everyone.


  • Excellent chart! I find it really helpful. Thanks for these ideas.


  • Mariap

    I’m a picture thinker and find flow charts useful to understand concepts and I have found that teaching my ESL and using flow charts breaks down language barriers to get into their heads to get the ideas out!  I hope you don’t mind me sharing this link and your ideas.  Thanks – I love it.  Maria P (NZ)


    Debra Askanase Reply:

    Maria, feel free to share it as you’d like. It’s why I have it up. You can also download it directly from my slideshare account. Thanks for stopping by and sharing it!


  • Gerome Klaus

    Thank you for this flowchart Debra. I can not even convey with words how I love flowcharts. As Maria has already mentioned large texts and other languages can be substituted by pictures and lines. As I work with different customers I’m trying to make different flowchart templates for each type of client’s business. If you are willing to spend money, for that aim I can recommend Conceptdraw Pro with its Social Media Response solution. I’m attaching template for real estate managers.


    Debra Askanase Reply:

    Gerome, you’re welcome. I’m not sure the template for real estate managers is particularly relevant to my audience (nonprofit, interested in community and technology), but I appreciate you sharing your idea.



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