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5 Lessons From Twitter Politics For Nonprofits

I've been active on Twitter since 2008, yet Twitter had begun to lose its shine for me by the end of 2015. There was so much broadcasting, and so little conversation. Then the political season erupted, and so did our new President's use of Twitter. And then Twitter erupted in response. Here are 5 things I've learned from following Twitter politics that your organization can put to use in 2017.

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social networks

Loose Connections Will Never Rain on Your Parade

Talya Rotem guest blogs about what she learned from analyzing her nonprofit organization's social network, and what that opened up for the Canadian charity. As part of her research, she looked beyond already known tight connections to loose professional and organizational connections, and found a wealth of opportunity, including one potential collaborator and potential new outreach locations for SMARTsaver.

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Reports and studies

Social Media Demographics: 2016 and Beyond

There's a huge feeling of Fear Of Missing Out, and most often, it's driven by the desire to be "where everyone else is, or is going to be soon." In other words, demographics and trends. Here are some of the most recent US and worldwide social media and internet demographics and trends to inform your decision-making.

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Online organizing

In 2017, Let’s Get Ready

A new calendar year, and as everyone is very aware, a new US government. I want to begin this year with some wishes for the mission-driven sector, and detailed recommendations: let's get angry, let's make a plan to be ready, and let's connect with changemakers. There are a lot of potential new supporters talking and planning for change, so let's make this this year that causes connect deeply with those who care, move people to action, and change the trajectory of the future.

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New Social Media Algorithms: Nonprofit Engagement Required

In the last six months, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram have announced major changes to the way that they provide content for users. The social media algorithms on these channels now prioritize and serve up content that users have deemed of high interest through historical engagement. As a nonprofit, it's time to engage. Read more for details about these algorithmic changes, and their impact on nonprofit social media practice.

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Debra Askanase is an experienced digital engagement strategist, non-profit executive, and community organizer. She works with mission-driven organizations to develop digital strategies and campaigns that engage, create trust, and move stakeholders to action. Debra speaks at conferences worldwide on the intersection of technology, social media, and nonprofit organizations.

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